Susanne B. Baumann

Susanne is inspirational and visionary. Her professional career has been accompanied by some extraordinary experiences around the world.

Born near Basel, Switzerland in 1975, Susanne studied economics and international relations at Switzerland's top business school HSG, St. Gallen. Work experience followed in different industries (cement, finance, export, hotel sector), and in diverse roles such as HR strategy for Eastern Europe, personal assistant to the CEO, strategy consultant, and interim management.

In 2006 Susanne left her position at a strategy consultancy to immerse herself in yoga and meditation in India. Upon her return to Zurich she started her own yoga and meditation school, which she sold successfully five years later.

Susanne is founder of the think tank InspirationUnlimited ( and speaks at universities and conferences in Europe about "Inspiring Business that Transforms the World". Currently she is writing a book based on interviews with CEOs of innovative companies in America and Europe on "Inspiration and Manifestation."

Susanne supports different non-profit organizations striving for systemic change, the implementation of peace work, education systems and development.

Methods and Tools

The following methods and concepts are utilized by Susanne in her work:

  • Solution Focused Coaching (Steve de Shazer, Kim Insoo Berg).
  • Solution Focused Team-Coaching (Daniel Meier).
  • Intuitive Coaching and Transparent Communication (Thomas Hübl).
  • Integral Theory (Ken Wilber).
  • Spiral Dynamics (Don Beck, Clare W. Graves).
  • Theory U (Otto Scharmer).
  • Harvard Negotiaton Concept ( Roger Fisher, William L. Ury).
  • Non-Violent-Communication (Marshall Rosenberg).
  • Mental Training (José Silva, Leela Mata and others).
  • Meditation and Mindfullness (Jon Kabat Zinn, S. N. Goenka Sw. Sivananda, Sw. Muktananda, and many more).
  • Yoga and Bodywork (Sw. Vishnu-Devananda, Sukadev Bretz, Sw. Atma, Mansoor, to name just a few).

Want to know something more about Susanne?

Here are some moments from her unusual life, beyond the CV:

  • When she was a child she was determined to learn 100 languages. She felt it was of utter importance to understand all people on the planet!
  • She spent winter in Siberia one year, doing a market analysis of the domestic print media industry. It changed her worldview! Having seen the depth of poverty and the effects it has upon the mindset of the people!
  • In the Costa Rican rain forest she was involved in lobbying for the rights of employees in the company she worked for. The next morning she was dismissed without a notice– this left her baffled, in utter astonishment over how human beings can act!
  • Imagine a petite Swiss lady repairing a Norwegian tractor or taking care of the pig stall!
  • How was it possible for him to hold such a brilliant daily lecture, with impeccable logic, for a whole month without any notes? She was flabbergasted, astounded. The Indian monk so easily drew upon a source of knowledge and wisdom that seemed unending.
  • One needs a lot of social smarts to build a retreat house in the Himalayas! Steel is lying around, and can be gathered on a night walk. Cement however possesses very differing portions of sand. Therefore you must make sure to keep an eye on it all the time! And if you are looking for light bulbs without that disturbing neon glow – it may not be as easy as you think!
  • She did not know if she could handle several months of solitude in the Swiss mountains. Only one way to find out. You can be assured, she got to know herself very well … including those parts she did not like to see about her!