Executive Coaching

Challenge #1 Leading with purpose

  • Are you unsatisfied with the impact you make?
  • Do you have a vision for your company, but others are not getting it?
  • Have you deviated from the purposeful vision you launched your professional life with?
  • Do you wonder if there is a deeper purpose beyond what you’ve reached so far?
  • Are you leaving your organization and asking yourself what is next for you?

Challenge #2 Leading your team

  • Is leading your senior leadership team more difficult than you expected?
  • Are you wondering how to align your team with a shared vision?
  • Do you need to radiate total confidence and omniscience while facing personal challenges?
  • Are your role and the level of your operative involvement clear?
  • Are you surprised how difficult it is to establish a culture of passion and entrepreneurship?
  • Is your board supportive, or is it a hassle that requires a lot of strength and clever  management?

Challenge #3 Leading yourself

  • Have you followed your mission with persistence but now feel depleted?
  • Do you feel alone, with few people you can fully trust to give you honest feedback?
  • Is it challenging to balance your needs with those of your company, your partner, and your family?
  • Is it hard to stay focused on your mission because you’re inspired by so many other things?
  • Are you confronted with nagging self-doubt?

Challenge #4 Foster Innovation

  • Have you heavily invested  in innovation, but are disappointed about the outcome?
  • Do you feel pressure to be more innovative but you don`t have a clue how?
  • Do you feel its already to late to become innovative if you look at your competitors?

    Susanne has interviewed over 40 innovative entrepreneurs around the globe to find out how they tick. She helps you to build up your personal innovation competence and connect you with experts who have done it.