| Speaking

Susanne gives inspiring speeches at business schools and conferences in Europe. Her talks have reached a wide range of people, from management to visionaries to business students. She combines her knowledge with touching humor, addressing such themes as:

  • "Inspiring business that transforms the world."
  • "How to unfold your wings and unleash your unique potential."
  • “The Principles of Inspiration and Manifestation – Key findings of 50 interviews with the most inspiring entrepreneurs on earth!"
  • "Alignment – the element that allows quantum leaps!"

Susanne has recently done a series of interviews with cutting-edge business leaders in the US and Europe, and is in the process of writing a book about the findings. Where do these leaders get their inspiration, and then bring their idea to market in record time? What are the key success factors that enable them to tap upon inspiration so effectively and transform it into concrete products and services?

Unleash your potential! Make your biggest dream come true – the world needs you urgently!!!