Executive Coaching

Executive coaching for individuals

Executive Coaching for individuals

  • In-depth analysis of your situation
  • Discovering and defining your authentic purpose and vision
  • Self-Development to lead yourself, your team, your investors and other stakeholders
  • Second Opinion on leadership challenges

Through a comprehensive analysis on rational and emotional levels, Susanne identifies with you your major goals and leverages for personal and professional growth. 

Numerous interviews with innovative mission-driven leaders gave Susanne profound insight on how they make a sustainable impact and reach financial goals. She has the ability to unlock the minds of her clients so that surprising, unseen options become visible. Clients are enabled to break through their self-limiting beliefs and behavior.

Facilitation of executive committees

  • Developing an authentic purpose and vision for your company
  • Facilitation of intense meetings and retreats
  • Tension solving, mental and emotional hygiene

Mission driven leaders are clear about their own individual purpose and are fully aligned with the vision of the company. Through this clarity and emotional engagement of the leaders, others are highly inspired and an entrepreneurial spirit flows through the whole company. This is a solid base for innovation and agility.

Susanne provides a safe space to address rational and emotional tensions that sabotage the clarity and speed of an executive committee.

Wise leadership

 Susanne`s vision of leadership is:
  • Leaders act and decide wisely in connection with their thoughts, emotions, sensations, intuition, and inspiration.
  • Leaders are back in the driver’s seat instead of being victims of their circumstances. They know what kind of world they desire and help to create it.
  • Each of us comes to recognize our innate leadership potential and commits deeply to our roles in our collective unfolding.
  • We use our remarkable creative gifts wisely, creating technology to serve and connect us and to replenish this earth.

Therefore Susanne helps mission-driven leaders to make a strong impact through self-development, an authentic purpose and a clear vision.