"I'm now calm and composed, whereas a couple of weeks ago I was still very stressed. My dogged stubbornness for one career path has dissolved and a quiescence has returned to me. At the same time I feel more awake and open in my dealings with people. Quite a bit has changed through the coaching. It became obvious to me that I needed a transformation in my professional environment, and the main thrust has become clear."
- M.P. , Schindler Lifts Ltd, Singapore - Vision Coaching & Executive Coaching

"Susanne literally opened my eyes to new and innovative approaches towards solving real challenges. The interface between rational-analytical on the one side, and intuitive thinking on the other is intriguing!"
- Samuel Steiner, Managing Partner; Renuo AG, Wallisellen, Schweiz
 - Executive & Vision Coaching

"Her training approach combines sound concepts with proven methods, impressively focussing on both the needs of participants as individuals, and as a group. Many thanks, that was an exceptional experience from which I have drawn a lot."
- Dr. Michael Trestl, Head of Corporate Development, Edelweiss Air, Zürich, Schweiz
 - Integral Leadership Training

"Through Susanne's coaching and the practical supplemental exercises I've been able to observe astounding changes on various levels, both within myself and in my interactions with others."
- N.B. Division Head, Bern, Switzerland - Executive Coaching

"The coaching opened up unexpected possibilities, beyond the original goal of improving my health, and led to deep self-reflection and personal development. Susanne Baumann's uncanny ability to decipher the essence of a person and his or her talents, and then to articulate it with crystal clarity has inspired me to new discovery."
- M.F., Lawyer, Board Chairman, Board Member, Switzerland - Executive Coaching & Vision Coaching

What made this coaching so special for me was the way Susanne identified with my potential and mirrored it back to me. Through her I better understand how the unfolding of potential takes form."
- M.W., Business Director, Bochum, Germany - Executive Coaching & Vision Coaching

"The main reason for deciding on a year-long coaching programme is the following: for the first time in my life I have felt truly authentic – that which is uniquely my potential has been recognized and is supported unconditionally. Currently I am feeling a 'broadening' while getting to know myself, and I can enjoy the successes as I approach my goals. I find Susanne competent, highly intuitive, and wonderfully unconventional. The unfolding potential that Susanne can initiate, widens like the concentric circles from a stone dropped into water. I'm very grateful to be able to learn with Susanne how valuable the discovery of my purpose is. I spent much of my life trying to find out how to avoid a task or merely to fulfill it to the satisfaction of others. Through this fundamental change I am now able to joyfully and successfully give my potential on to my clients."
- H.K. Coach & Trainer, Hamburg, Germany - Vision Coaching

"For the team coaching, I was glad that Ms. Baumann showed a fine sensitivity and relaxed openness towards the employees, and she could adjust flexibly to the individual needs at hand. She delivered exactly what the team needed and was not to be distracted."
- M.W. Business Director, Bochum, Germany - Team Coaching

Susanne’s authentic and engaging interaction with the students created direct impact and enthusiasm. The students expressed their wish to learn more about management coaching and the practice of listening to inspiration in companies after Susanne’s intervention!
- Dr. Stefan Haefliger, professor of strategic management and innovation, CASS Business School, London, England - Input Speech & Workshop: How Inspiration can lift a company to the next level!

Creating a workshop from which the participants truly take something away and then implement is an art. It requires taking the people out of their comfort zones. If the participants stay in their cozy worlds, they just coast through it with minimal or superficial engagement. They leave with new information, but information is not knowledge and even acquiring knowledge is far away from acquiring a new, usable tool. If the participants are forced TOO far out of their comfort zones, they disengage and may even walk out. Susanne’s program for ebeam Technologies was designed to take us out of our cozy worlds so that we could have the best chances to adopt and implement a new capability. Her awareness of the people and the "landscape" made her an agile guide through a journey that walked that fine line between operating in the wilderness and rebellion. 8 hours later, we were astonished at what we had accomplished. Then it all made sense.
- Ian Bland, VP Business Development & Sales, ebeam, Flamatt, Switzerland - Input Speech & Workshop: Leading from the future – Presencing