| Leadership for Innovation Training

From Maintaining Competence to Innovation Competence

In a world of breakneck change, business leaders are called upon not only to preserve the size and financial value of their companies (Maintaining Competence), but also to respond to unforeseen events (Change Competence).

To realize their own goals and strategies, they must further develop their firms proactively (Development Competence) and to emerge as a visionary market leader, or to remain one, it takes the ability of allowing innovations to develop and to be brought into the world (Innovation Competence).

Everyone took it to be impossible, but we did it anyway.

Disruptive innovations often bring paradigm shifts, with new scientific findings in their wake. What qualities do leaders and their teams exhibit who usher in breakthrough innovations successfully, and do so surprisingly fast?

Innovation techniques and underlying circumstances alone do not appear to lead to breakthroughs.

Innovative leaders have a special visionary ability combined with a risk-taking appetite on the one hand, and they've found a way of staying true to their vision while dealing with uncertainty in challenging situations, on the other. They delight in thinking and acting 'out of the box', and possess an innate certainty in complex decision-making situations, to make impossible things possible.

In the Training Leadership for Innovation for managers and their teams, personal and internal innovation skills are first awakened and then trained. Through six intensive modules, participants learn to ”lead from the future” rather than to just react from the conditioned past.

Leadership for Innovation is for executives,

... who are ready for the next level, prepared to jettison the 'same old box' and work with new and unfamiliar techniques.

... are aware that an innovative company development first demands their own personal development.

... who want to live innovation and not just attend another workshop about innovation.

The training is carried out by Susanne B. Baumann in cooperation with ZFU and other innovation coaches and experts in the field.