| Integral Leadership Training

Leadership methods and tools are not enough to meet today's challenges in business and society. We need a completely new set of skills to deliver purposeful services and products to our customers.

  • We need to think in larger contexts and sense what is emerging for our business
  • We must learn to stay centered and aligned in moments of rapidly changing circumstances, and high uncertainty.
  • We need to be able to handle big data, as well as to develop a keen intuition for wise decisions.
  • We need the ability to activate the collective wisdom in our team and to allow people to bring in their entrepreneurship.
  • and many more...

Our training is based on two basic assumptions:

1. Leadership skills are necessary – but Leadership qualities make the difference!

In the Integral Leadership Training our executives are trained in four perspectives and on different levels.

In order to go to the next level of our business we need to acknowledge, understand and "manage" all the aspects of leadership.

2. There are evolutionary stages of organizations and leadership

As a human species we have gone through different evolutionary stages that reflect a certain style of leadership.

We began living in tribal organizations with an elders council and a shaman, who lead the group. Then came the first conquerors who reigned by pure physical force in a very authoritarian way. Around three thousand years ago the major religions appeared, which brought leadership by laws, principles and clear hierarchies. With modernization, we started to lead with logic, goals and incentives. Now we are into entering into the sustainability age, where we have begun to lead through collaboration and integration of ecological and social issues.

But that is not the end! Evolution is not stopping here.

At the integral stage we lead by integrating the leadership skills of all previous stages!!

Even though we have all this leadership knowledge, we are not bound by it and can intuitively lead from the future. Leading from the future means to be largely independent of our past conditioning, and mastering the ability to listen to future possibilities and enable our teams to realize this vision.

How can we learn to lead from the future, instead of the conditioned past — is a key element of Integral Leadership Training.