23. January 2018

Breakthrough Innovation: The importance of the first follower!

When a company has done a breakthrough innovation, the media usually portrays the CEO as a hero. However, I recently discussed with Ian Bland and Charles […]
13. December 2017

The manager’s purgatory

All successful managers go through major crisis and master it effectively — at least this is what the public thinks. But sometimes the deepest crisis creeps […]
27. November 2017

How can I motivate my employees to be more innovative?

This was a key statement made by Charles Flükiger during his talk at the Leadership for Innovation workshop in the beginning of November. Charles is the […]
4. June 2017

Great visions are often considered unrealistic!

Some days ago I met Bashar Masri, a truly visionary and inspiring entrepreneur. He is a Palestine-US citizen who in 2003 had the vision of a […]
13. July 2016

Emergence of Innovations

When reading the newspaper, it sometimes appears as if disruptive innovations are an uncontrollable lucky punch. They seem to emerge suddenly with no apparent causal logic […]
31. May 2016

Aligned Leadership is crucial for breakthrough innovations!

How is it possible that some companies bring a brilliant novelty to the market in almost no time? Alignment is a key element! If a leader […]
15. March 2016

Inspiring leaders play!

While interviewing innovative CEO`s around the world, I came to realize that the one thing most of them have in common, is that they radiate an […]
24. June 2015

Break through a decision-making blockage

Why is it that sometimes we can make decisions fast, clearly and simple? And other times it is so difficult? Executives need to take a large number […]
28. May 2015

How presencing can transform a desperate situation

At four in the afternoon the atmosphere in the room was burdensome, even desperate. Some members of management were beginning to think the daylong workshop was […]